Dear friends,

We change the venue of the conference from Park Inn Hotel to Genceli Plaza Hotel. Conference will be held in Genceli Plaza Hotel.

The address of the hotel is below:

48 Uzeyir Hajibeyov str, Baku, AZ1001, Azerbaijan.
Phone: (012) 498 92 90

Genceli Plaza Hotel is located 3 minutes away by walking from Park Inn Hotel.

Price per night (for Single -100 azn, for double -120 azn, for triple – 140 azn) if you pay cash.
If you book online then you have to pay 18% tax (For Single 100 +18=118azn, for double -120+21.6=141.6 azn, for triple – 140+25,2=165.2 azn)

Because of this, please contact to me and I will make reservation for you. You will pay cash when you arrive in Baku. Payment will be make to me.

For hotel information please see:

If you have any questions please contact me -